School Menus and Salad Bar

Our New Salad Bar!

Cub Run has recently implemented our new salad bar in the school cafeteria. Students who are purchasing lunch are able to choose their fruits and vegetables from the salad bar, then either choose their main course from the proteins and grains at the salad bar, or move through to the serving line to purchase the hot lunch on the menu for that day.

Kindergarteners Use the Salad Bar!

Lunch Accounts

There are three ways that families can pay for school meals: online payment accounts through MySchoolBucks, submitting a check, or using cash.

  • Online Payments (credit): Adults can create a MySchoolBucks account for a convenient way to pay for school meals. Once the account is created, adults will receive notices when funds are low, can login to check on the account at any time, and add money as needed throughout the school year.
  • Check: Adults can write a check made out to Cub Run Food Services and bring the check to the food service manager's office (in the cafeteria). The student name and PIN number are required for the memo line.
  • Cash: Cash can be brought to the food services manager's office for deposit into the student's account, or students can pay with cash in the lunch line each day.

Free and Reduced Meals

Free and Reduced meals are available for qualified families. Applications can be submitted online, or you can contact FCPS Food and Nutrition Services directly at 703-813-4800. Families must apply each year to be found eligible for free / reduced meals. Eligibility guidelines for free and reduced meals can be found here.

All information submitted for free and reduced meals is confidential and will not be shared with teachers or administrators. 

Cafeteria Expectations

We want lunch to be a time when students can sit together with their friends and socialize in a safe environment. We ask that while in the cafeteria, students: 

  • Use good manners
  • Remain in their seats unless dismissed by a cafeteria monitor
  • Use inside voices while talking to friends
  • Raise their hands when they need assistance
  • Clean up their tables and surrounding area before leaving

What's for Breakfast?

What's for Lunch?