About Us

Learn about Cub Run Elementary School

Our Vision: 

We envision Cub Run as a place of belonging and learning rooted in equity, compassion, connection, and engagement. 

Equity exists when everyone has access to meaningful opportunities to reach their full potential. When there's equity, it allows us to better understand each other's whole selves. With this understanding, compassion grows, allowing for deep connection. Deep connection cultivates an environment where engagement can flourish.

Our Mission: 

To realize our vision for Cub Run students, staff, and families, we commit to: 

  • nurturing a space where we are all valued for our authentic selves
  • investing time to listen to and learn from each other's stories
  • cultivating engaging experiences
  • creating a community where we all feel safe in being curious, asking questions, taking risks, and making mistakes.

FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities

Cub Run is a part of Region 5

Fairfax County Public Schools