Cub Run Equity Team

The Cub Run Equity Team is made up of Cub Run faculty and staff as well as family members of current Cub Run students.

The Mission and Vision of our Equity Team:

Our vision as the Cub Run Elementary School Equity Committee is to create a school community in which students have access and exposure to opportunities and resources that allow them to develop their authentic selves. 

We value and embrace each person’s individuality as well as our collective diversity of cultures, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, socio-economic status, abilities and family structures that exist within our school.

It is our mission to support and serve our community of students, staff, and families in fostering a safe, inclusive, trusting, positive, and equitable environment.  We are committed to eliminating barriers, sharing access, and empowering students to be their authentic selves through communication, collaboration, and the celebration of their unique identities, backgrounds, differences, and experiences.  We are dedicated to building a culture of belonging by actively inviting the participation of all students, families and staff through multiple perspectives, ongoing learning, and transparency in order to grow as a community.

Last updated: 2/2/2022

Cub Run Community Outreach:

One of our goals is to be connected with Cub Run families to have your voices heard as we work together as a team. If you have any questions or suggestions for our Equity team, please fill out the contact form attached below.