Sixth graders have taken over the news studio.

By Maggie Brown
September 13, 2022

The first Cubby Nation News crew takes to the studio.

The Cubby Nation news studio is celebrating its one year anniversary this month- now with a number of updates to make the show truly student managed. Over the summer, Cub Run acquired new lighting, new cameras, and a new switch board which has opened up the opportunity for the sixth grade news team to take over the program and run each recording on their own. Now in the studio, students are in front of the camera as anchors, as well as taking charge over running the cameras, audio equipment, switch board, and graphics for the daily news. 

The news team will change each month, giving every student who signed up an opportunity to take on the role that they requested- but also providing opportunities for students who are not currently in the studio to work on "special reports" throughout the year. These special reports might include spotlights on learning, Read Across Cub Run segments where students and teachers share about some of their favorite books, or interviews with faculty, staff, and students to find out more about our Cubbies. These special reports will be completely written, recorded, and edited by our sixth grade news team.

Students on the news crew are also using Schoology discussion boards to generate ideas that they can incorporate into the news program this year in an effort to include as much as they can in the short 2-5 minute daily program.

We are excited to see what our sixth grade news team accomplishes this year!