Sixth Grade Academic Super Bowl

By Dana Willis
February 14, 2023

A special and long-standing Cub Run 6th grade tradition, the “It’s Academic Super Bowl”, took place last Friday, February 10th. This was created to help students review all material covered to date, using the upcoming NFL Super Bowl as our backdrop. Students in each class were divided into two teams reflective of the teams in the official Super Bowl. This year it was the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. Our teacher referees rotated to each homeroom class to ask students questions on the four core subjects. Students wore colors representative of the team they were assigned- some going all out and creating "uniforms" to wear for their team! Using a Jeopardy format, each question was assigned a yardage amount, moving a football player down the field for possible touchdowns. Teams collected touchdowns in each of the quarters and the team with the highest score after the four quarters received the traditional “Academic Super Bowl” ring. It was a sweep this year with 6th grade predicting a Kansas City Chiefs win…and in over 20 years, we have only been wrong twice!